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Vision Clear Quest[]

Banner-Vision Clear Quest.png

Vision Clear Quest is designed to give bonus Alchemic Boundary for specific mementos (typically 1%) and can usually be run 3/day. In addition it drops memento enhancement items and has a small chance of dropping Reminiscences of a Robot, which gives 5% Alchemic Boundary to the memento of your choice.

This quest is run weekly. Usually there are 2 versions available per week:

  • Featured: Gives bonus to a short list of featured mementos, usually ones which are newly released. Typically the banner for this version will say "Featured" on it.
  • Region: Gives bonus to all mementos from a specified region, such as Envylia or Wratharis. Typically the banner for this version will have the name of the region on it.

Currently Featured Mementos[]

Vision Clear Quest [Pro][]

Banner-Vision Clear Quest Pro.png

Vision Clear Quest Pro is occasionally available for short periods (typically weekends). It is the same map as the regular Vision Clear Quest but typically gives 10% Alchemic Boundary, can be run 1/day, and usually applies to all mementos.