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Truth Seals (also called Runes) are a feature which increase unit stats and stack on top of the stats given by Gear and Mementos. The Truth Seal feature will be unlocked when reaching player level 150.

Truth Seal Slots[]

Every unit has 6 Truth Seal slots. Each slot can be equipped with a 3 star to 5-star Truth Seal. Each Truth Seal gives one Main stat and up to three Sub stats. The Truth Seal slots are named after the Enlightenment gates, which means the first Truth Seal slot is the Envy Truth Seal slot, the second Truth Seal slot is the Sloth Truth Seal slot etc.

Truth Seals drop in different types and can only be equipped in the Truth Seal slot matching their type, so for example an Envy Truth Seal cannot be equipped in the Greed Truth Seal slot.

Truth Seal Types[]

Each Truth Seal type can give only specific Main stat(s) and specific Sub stats. The range of the Main stat of each Truth Seal type varies depending on the rarity of the Truth Seal, while the range of the Sub stats is the same, regardless of the rarity of the Truth Seal.

Seal Type Main Stat(s) 1-3 Sub Stats(s)
Rune shape envy.png Envy PATK or DEX

Range: 3★: 1-25, 4★: 31-55, 5★: 76-100

(any) ATK type Power (except non-type)

Range: 0-5 (all rarity)

Rune shape sloth.png Sloth PDEF or CRIT

Range: 3★: 1-25, 4★: 31-55, 5★: 76-100

(any) ATK type Res (except non-type)

Range: 0-10 (all rarity)

Rune shape lust.png Lust HP

Range: 3★: 101-200, 4★: 221-420, 5★: 501-700

Poison / Stun / Paralyze / Sleep / Charm / Rage / Delay / Slow Res

Range: 0-10 (all rarity)

Rune shape gluttony.png Gluttony MATK or DEX

Range: 3★: 1-25, 4★: 31-55, 5★: 76-100

Guts / Jewels Obtained / Healing / Crit Rate / Max Jewels

Range: 0-3 for Guts, 0-10 for Max Jewels, 0-5 for all other stats (all rarity)

Rune shape wrath.png Wrath MDEF or LUCK

Range: 3★: 1-25, 4★: 31-55, 5★: 76-100

Reduce PATK / PDEF / MATK / MDEF / DEX / AGI / LUCK Debuff

Range: 0-10 (all rarity)

Rune shape greed.png Greed AGI

Range: 3★: 1-3, 4★: 4-6, 5★: 8-10

Blind / Petrify / Silence / Bind / Daze / Death Sentence / Stop / Disable Heal Res

Range: 0-10 (all rarity)

Truth Seal Sets[]

Aside from the Truth Seal type, Truth Seals also have a Set they belong to. Equipping a certain number of Truth Seals of a specific Truth Seal set (number depends on the set) gives bonus stats for the unit.

The stat bonus of the same Truth Seal sets is stackable (i.e. you can get up to 30% PDEF from 3 sets of 2 Robust truth seals).

You can also pair two (or three) different Truth Seal sets to receive multiple stat bonuses.

Released Sets[]

Set Name Bonus # Seals to Activate Availability
Rune set charge forth.png Charge Forth 10% PATK 4 Farmable
Rune set sorcery.png Sorcery 10% MATK 4 Farmable
Rune set life cycle.png Life Cycle 15% HP 4 Farmable
Rune set phantom.png Phantom 10% Evasion Rate 4 Phantom Battle Coin Exchange Shop
Rune set jewels.png Jewels Initial Jewels +10 4 Phantom Battle Coin Exchange Shop
Rune set robust.png Robust 10% PDEF 2 Farmable
Rune set magic circle.png Magic Circle 10% MDEF 2 Farmable
Rune set flash.png Flash 5% Single Target ATK 2 Battle Coin Exchange Shop
Rune set sweep.png Sweep 5% Area ATK 2 Battle Coin Exchange Shop
Rune set protection.png Protection 5% Status Resist 2 Port Coin Exchange
Rune set technique.png Technique Hit Rate +10 2 Special Voucher Exchange Shop

Unreleased Sets (available in Japan)[]

  • Rune set super shield.png Super Shield: 10 All Elemental DEF (4 seals)

Unreleased Sets (in data, not available in Japan)[]

  • Rune set long voyage.png Long Voyage: +1 Move (6 seals, not yet available in Japan)
  • Rune set leap.png Leap: +1 JUMP (2 seals, not yet available in Japan)

Enhancement of Seals[]

You can enhance seals to increase their stats, up to 3 times. To enhance a seal, you must use seal enhancement stones and Zeni. There is a chance when you enhance a seal that it will not be successful.

Success Rate Gauge[]

If the enhancement fails, the success rate gauge will go up. If the success rate gauge goes to 100% you can use it to guarantee success on your next enhancement. The gauge doesn't go above 100% so there is no advantage to not using it when it fills.

Multiple Enhancements[]

You can use the multiple enhancements feature to request that enhancement continue until successful for the number of enhancements requested, rather than manually applying each enhancement attempt.

Awakening Seals[]

When a seal reaches level 3, you can use seal alchemy ores and Zeni to awaken it. Awakening a seal adds awakened stats (sub stats). You can awaken a seal up to 3 times. Once awakened, the enhancement resets to level 0 and must be enhanced to level 3 again before you can awaken it again.

Seal Alchemy Ore[]

This ore is used for awakening seals and comes in 3, 4 and 5-star rarity. The rarity of the seal determines the rarity of the ore required to awaken it.

Changing Stats[]

Basic Stats[]

The basic stats of a seal can be changed using Zeni (for 3- or 4-star rarity truth seals) or gems (for 5-star rarity truth seals). The stats can be changed multiple times. Only the stat amount changes and not the stat type (i.e. you can't change a PATK rune to DEX). The new stat amount is random and not guaranteed to be higher.

Awakened Status and Other Stats[]

The awakened (sub stats) acquired from awakening seals can be changed using Zeni (for 3-star rarity truth seals), gems (for 4- or 5-star rarity truth seals) or the item Scales of Enlightenment (best used for 5-star rarity truth seals to save gems). The stats can be changed multiple times and both the stat type and stat amount result will be random (and are not guaranteed to be higher than the previous value). You can also use Crafted Mallet to increase a sub stat by 1 (up to the maximum of the stat range available for that sub-stat) - it is recommended these be used on 5-star seals after obtaining the correct sub stat using Scales of Enlightenment to save gems.

There is also an option to use the "Continuous Enhancement" feature to keep trying until you reach a specific stat.

Note: Because 3-star rarity truth seals cost Zeni instead of gems to change sub stats, it is recommended to use 3-star rarity truth seals for slots where the stat is not particularly valuable to the unit (such as PATK/DEX on a MATK scaling unit) so you can reroll more cheaply for the optimal sub-stats. Alternatively, you can use Scales of Enlightenment and Crafted Mallet to save gems when going for specific sub-stats on 5-star seals. It costs Scales of Enlightenment x 5 to change stats and Crafted Mallet x 5 to attempt to increase sub stats on a 5-star truth seal.

Seal Disassembly[]

You can disassemble seals to obtain Seal Enhancement Stones. The number of stones depends on the number of times the seal was awakened. Disassembling will result in "Success", "Great Success" or "Super Success", with each having an increased number of stones obtained. Seal Alchemy Ore used for awakening seals can be obtained from a "Super Success".

Seal Enhancement Stones obtained from Seal Disassembly
Rarity Seal Enhancement Stone Obtained
3 2
4 3
5 4

Seal Storage[]

There are 50 storage slots for seals by default. This limit only applies to seals not currently equipped by units, so to make additional space you can either equip the seals to units or disassemble them. Keep in mind that seals can be moved between and removed from units for no cost. You will be unable to start new quests if you are at the seal storage limit, but you can collect seals above the limit if they drop from a quest or auto-repeat, you can't start new quests until you are below the limit again.

You can pay gems to increase the amount of storage available.

Acquiring Truth Seal Materials[]

Truth Seals[]

There are a variety of truth seal quests in the Daily Quests section. They require player level 150 to enter. Each one drops the corresponding combination of seal type and set that the quest is for. Normal difficulty drops 3★ seals and ore, Hard drops 3-4★ seals and ore, and EX drops 3-5★ seals and 4-5★ ore.

Seal Enhancement Stone[]

You can obtain seal enhancement stones via any of the following:

  • Seal Disassembly
  • Secret Shop
  • Limited Time Packs
  • Some Coin Exchange Shops

Seal Enhancement Stones are generally plentiful and do not need to be conserved.

Seal Alchemy Ore[]

You can obtain seal alchemy ore via any of the following:

Crafted Mallet[]

Crafted Mallets are sometimes available from special quests or coin exchange shops. You can also purchase them in the Phantom Battle Coin Exchange Shop.

Scales of Enlightenment[]

Scales of Enlightenment are sometimes available from special quests or coin exchange shops. You can also purchase them in the Phantom Battle Coin Exchange Shop.

Truth Seal Optimization[]

Generally, it is recommended that 5-star truth seals be used for high-value stats for a unit. In most cases, this is AGI (Greed) for all units, HP (Lust) for all units, PATK (Envy) for full PATK scaling units, and MATK (Gluttony) for MATK scaling units.

For damage-oriented units that do not use PATK, you will always want to use a 3-star seal in the Envy slot to get the best sub-stats more cheaply.

For units that do not use MATK or DEX, you will want to use a 3-star seal in the Gluttony slot as these sub-stats can also be useful to all units.

You may want to have a collection of AGI (Greed) truth seals at various rarities and stat levels so you can adjust agility as needed for some stages where you might want a more precise ordering of turns.

Note: 4-star truth seals are generally not recommended for long-term use as they are more expensive to enhance/awaken than 3 stars and don't provide as much stat benefit as 5 stars. You can either disassemble these, use them temporarily while farming for 5-star runes, or put them on lesser-used units.


For most offensive units you will want to choose the set that gives the primary stat (i.e. PATK or MATK) and combine that with single or multi-target attack seals (ideally 3-star ones in the slots that provide low priority stats of the type of attack the unit uses most), or alternatively fill with PDEF/MDEF sets if you don't have enough single/multi-target attack seals. For PvP/Arena you may also want to consider status resist or hit rate sets for the last 2 slots.

For support units or units with non-standard stat scaling (such as diviners), you will generally want to use the set that gives HP and combine that with a 2 seal set such as PDEF/MDEF.

For units that have significant PDEF scaling attacks, you may wish to use multiple PDEF sets.

For units that are especially evasion oriented and benefit quite a bit from it (such as Raphtalia), you may wish to consider an Evasion set.

Mixed Scaling Units[]

For mixed scaling units that benefit from PATK and other stats, in some cases, it may make sense to opt for a 3-star Envy seal instead of a 5-star so you can more cheaply get the best sub stats available for the unit.

In cases where the units scale with PATK and MATK, you should identify which stat they tend to use more of for their attacks and which is higher- that stat is likely the best choice for the set bonus.

Truth Seal stat sorting example.jpg

Managing Truth Seal Inventory[]

It can be challenging to find relevant seals for your units in your inventory. By default, you can't see the stats on a truth seal without clicking on it. However, if you pick a stat to sort by (such as PATK, MATK, etc.) it will sort by the value of that stat and display the value of that stat below the seals that have the stat. This can make it much easier to figure out which seals you wish to enhance and which you wish to disassemble. You can also filter seals based on rarity, set type and sub-stat.

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