The Alchemist Code Wiki
The Alchemist Code Wiki

This is a rough list of projects that need to be completed for the wiki. See Contributor Central for information on how to coordinate to help on the wiki, or feel free to make tweaks if the project is small enough to do without coordination.

Smaller Projects[]

  • Review the categories for pages on the wiki to ensure relevant pages are included in appropriate categories, small summaries are added to category pages where appropriate, and hierarchies are created in categories where appropriate (in particular any top level category should be linked to the main site category which is The Alchemist Code Wiki
  • Update the Banners page with some information about paid gems and verify that the information on the page is still relatively current
  • Improve Lore page
    • Add specific pages for each of the seven kingdoms, add links from lore and from the character pages when referencing homelands
  • Add additional useful references to Guides and Rankings
    • Add more guides for each event to the relevant event pages, see Event History
    • Might want to add a section with a list of YouTube channels from people who regularly produce Alchemist Code videos/guides
  • Add some more intro text about each story chapter to the Story Pages perhaps including a spoiler section with a synopsis of what happens in each story chapter
  • Add some information about the specific arena maps (i.e. general advice about how the map affects strategy) and perhaps their names if we can find them
  • Spending Guide could use some additional information on which bundles are worthwhile
  • Revamp Hard Quest Farm Guide to be more general so it can be kept up to date
  • Review Reroll Guide for updates that might be needed
  • Review the Equipment page and revamp the Equipment Types sections to be more generic explanations of the types (perhaps with examples) instead of lists of items that aren't realistic to keep updated
  • Update the Miscellaneous Items section to include newer items
  • Update the Battle Items section to include newer items
  • Add a page which lists which jobs can remove/inflict status/buffs/debuffs
  • Review Shops section and verify if any updates or improvements should be made
  • Add an enlightenment guide which discusses how to evaluate what investment is worthwhile when enlightening a unit, similar to Kahar's Reddit post but updated for G5 and more detailed
  • Reorganize Mechanics page into multiple pages and make any required updates
    • Add a page which talks specifically about elements and how they work and affect damage
    • Add a page which covers status effects and buffs/debuffs
    • Add a page which covers charge and cast time

Larger Projects[]

  • Revamp Navigation and possible redesign
  • Job pages need a rework- this requires template and LUA code changes (layout is almost ready)
  • Gear pages need a rework - this requires template and LUA code changes
  • Memento pages need a rework - this requires template and LUA code changes

Recurring Update Requirements[]

These are sections that need to be regularly checked for needed updates after most weekly content updates:

Script Based Updates[]

Any items under this list are handled by scripts and do not need to be manually updated