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Beyond The Land of Sin[]

Chapter 6 of the story focuses on the protagonist Amane Amane and takes place in Wadatsumi. 60 quests are currently released in Global. There are 90 quests currently released for this chapter in Japan, with more expected to be released in the future.

Episode 1 - Make The Demons Roar (Coming Soon)[]

  • Act

Episode 2 - Past Ties[]

Past Ties Act 1 Playlist (Youtube)

  • Act 2-1 Intersection
  • Act 2-2 Hatred
  • Act 2-3 Un/desired Reunion
  • Act 2-4 What Food Saves
  • Act 2-5 Former Regret
  • Act 2-6 After the Meal
  • Act 2-7 Distrust
  • Act 2-8 Group Work
  • Act 2-9 The Unforgiven
  • Act 2-10 Determination

Past Ties Act 2 Playlist

  • Act 3-1 Bound Eyes
  • Act 3-2 A Feast and More
  • Act 3-3 Twinkling Stars
  • Act 3-4 Hand in Hand

Episode 3 - (Coming Soon)[]

Event's Guide[]

Chapter 6: Episode 1[]

[Act-Quest] Name Drops AP Cost Protagonist Soul Shard (Hard)
[1-1] Final Enrollment Test Great Lance Piece, Wooden Sword 6 Amane
[1-2] Unfamiliar Landscape Gem Seller's Scales Diagram Piece, Wand 6 Amane
[1-3] Unreachable Blade Sacred Lion Blade Piece, Vest Diagram 6 Amane
[1-4] Protecting Everyday Things Flame Emperor Armor Piece, Skull Rod Piece 6 Amane
[1-5] Exam Results Lion Monarch Shield Piece, Branch 6 Amane
[1-6] Pass or Fail Gear Rod Piece, Broom Diagram 6 Amane
[1-7] Things That Never Change Gramophone Piece, Gloves Diagram 6 Amane
[1-8] Work Necronomicon Diagram Piece, Magic Cape Piece 6
[1-9] And Now Black Belt Diagram Piece, Thick Hat 6 Amane
[1-10] First Mission Dice of Fate Piece, Copper Bangle 6 Amane Amane
[2-1] Suspicion Knight Chess Piece Diagram Piece, Turban Diagram Piece 6 Amane
[2-2] Integrity Star Staff Piece, Mage's Fountain Pen Diagram 6 Amane
[2-3] Relief Lucky Rabbit Figurine Piece, Charm 6 Amane
[2-4] Someone's Voice Orichalcum Blades Piece, Blue Feather 6 Amane
[2-5] Investigation Noble Coat Piece, Cross Helmet Piece 6 Amane
[2-6] Work of Ogres, Hatred of Humans Sacred Fur Coat Piece, Fortune Coin 6
[2-7] Continued Threat Alchemic Radio Piece, Mace 6 Amane
[2-8] Discarnate Power Magus Hood Piece, Saber Piece 6
[2-9] Complete Reversal Saint's Robe Piece, Ogre Knife Diagram 6
[2-10] Ogre Hunting Foxes Old Pocket Watch Piece, Great Axe Diagram Piece 6
[3-1] Retreat White Serpent Blade Diagram Piece, Crystal Mirror Diagram Piece, Harmonic Cogs 6 Amane
[3-2] Protecting "Everyday Things" Mage's Hat Diagram Piece, Pilot Helmet, Skull Rod Piece 6 Amane
[3-3] For Each Wonder Scope Diagram Piece, Cloth Jacket Piece, Broom Diagram 6 Amane
[3-4] Now in Front of Our Eyes Research Notebook Piece, Earrings Diagram, Shinobi Shoes Diagram Piece 6 Amane
[3-5] Night Parade of One Hundred Ogres Glass Pen Piece, Circlet Diagram Piece, Rabbit's Foot Diagram 6
[3-6] Assault Lion Monarch Shield Piece, Stamp of Certain Delivery Piece, Silver Bell Diagram Piece 6
[3-7] Confusion Magus Hood Piece, Set Square, Silver Spoon 6
[3-8] Rematch Star Staff Piece, Magnifying Glass Diagram Piece, Drunkard's Masu Cup Diagram Piece 6
[3-9] The Ogre Must Be Defeated Compass Diagram Piece, Dagger, Mace 6
[3-10] The Sound of the Collapse Mechanical Wing Piece, Knotted Charm Diagram Piece, Saber Piece 6 Amane

Chapter 6: Episode 2[]

[Act-Quest] Name Drops AP Cost Protagonist Soul Shard (Hard)
[1-1] Captive Fox Wooden Sword, Wand, Platinum Katar Piece 6
[1-2] Places and Voices, Lost to Memory Fortune Coin, Earrings Diagram, Gem Seller's Scales Diagram Piece 6
[1-3] Next Move Branch, Goggles Piece, Mage's Hat Diagram Piece 6
[1-4] Sacred Treasure's Whereabouts Mage's Fountain Pen Diagram, Javelin Diagram Piece, Compass Diagram Piece 6 Amane
[1-5] Memories of the Earth Mace, Rainbow Hourglass Piece, Wonder Scope Diagram Piece 6 Amane
[1-6] The Everyday and the Strange Copper Bangle, Trumpet Piece, Alchemic Radio Piece 6
[1-7] A Different Person Charm, Elemental Belt Diagram, Sacred Lion Blade Piece 6
[1-8] Food and Life Set Square, Picmy Figurine Diagram, Crystal Sword Diagram Piece 6
[1-9] Mysterious Dinner 6
[1-10] That Thing Called Eating Silver Spoon, Dice of Fate Piece, Dark Sword Diagram Piece 6
[2-1] Intersection Wooden Sword, Knight Chess Piece Diagram Piece, Flame Emperor Armor Piece 6
[2-2] Hatred Fortune Coin, Gramophone Piece, Nocturne Rifle Diagram Piece 6
[2-3] Un/desired Reunion Wand, Gem Seller's Scales Diagram Piece, Old Pocket Watch Piece 6
[2-4] What Food Saves Vest Diagram, Great Lance Piece, Brilliant Wings Armor Diagram Piece 6
[2-5] Former Regret Earrings Diagram, Saber Piece, Gear Rod Piece 6
[2-6] After the Meal Gloves Diagram, Great Axe Diagram Piece, Laboratory Flasks Diagram Piece 6
[2-7] Distrust Ogre Knife Diagram, Cross Helmet Piece, Orichalcum Blades Piece 6
[2-8] Group Work Thick Hat, Platinum Katar Piece, Power Boiler Diagram Piece 6
[2-9] The Unforgiven 6
[2-10] Determination Blue Feather, Black Belt Diagram Piece, Gigant Axe Diagram Piece 6 Amane
[3-1] Bound Eyes Magic Cape Piece, Necronomicon Diagram Piece, Glass Pen Piece 6
[3-2] A Feast and More 6
[3-3] Twinkling Stars Cloth Jacket Piece, Research Notebook Piece, Earthdrake Horn Diagram Piece 6
[3-4] Hand in Hand 6
[3-5] Crumbling Footsteps 6
[3-6] A Future for Whom? 6
[3-7] Recapture Silver Bell Diagram Piece, Mechanical Wing Piece, Lucky Rabbit Figurine Piece 6 Amane
[3-8] Inside One's Spiral Magnifying Glass Diagram Piece, Dice of Fate Piece, Vivid Gemstone Diagram Piece 6 Amane
[3-9] Return Drunkard's Masu Cup Diagram Piece, Knight Chess Piece Diagram Piece, Sacred Fur Coat Piece 6 Amane
[3-10] Concealed Avarice Goggles Piece, Gramophone Piece, Knotted Charm Diagram Piece 6