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The Alchemist Code's story is told through a series of Quests. These standard story quests occasionally have a red background indicating a hard mode version that can be completed for a specific unit soul shard used in performing unit limit breaks. See Farmable Character Shards for a list of which character shards are available from the various hard quests. You can also see a list of Story Milestones and Challenges which provide rewards as you complete story quests.

Available Chapters[]

Chapter Protagonist(s) Total Quests Last Quest Currently Available Status
1 Logi and Dias 150 1-5-3-10 Completed
2 Edgar 120 2-4-3-10 Completed
3 Lisbeth 120 3-4-3-10 Completed
4 Tina 120 4-4-3-10 Completed
Intermission N/A 7 1-7 Completed
5 Kamui 150 5-5-3-10 Completed
6 Amane 90/120 (unfinished in Japan) 6-3-3-10 In Progress