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While The Alchemist Code is actually incredibly F2P friendly and thus it is not necessary to reroll, starting with a strong limited unit early on can be a huge help. If you don't start with a good set of units, it is suggested to reroll, but if you would prefer to just play instead of spending a few hours or even a day or two trying to get the perfect units, then you are not doomed unlike in many other gacha games, in large part because many S-SS tier units are free or can be farmed.


A new account typically has access to a total of 3500 gems after initial gems and the rewards for summoning (you get 750 gems back after your first 500 gem summon, plus another 500 gems from the daily new player summon milestone and 750 gems for leveling a unit to 50). You should not start over your account until after you have done all the high priority discount summons you can afford. Which banners you should summon on will be contextual to the events of the week.

Most good limited units are now on banners that cost 2500 gems to summon, so new players will only be able to afford to do those without farming additional gems if a summon discount ticket is available to reduce the price to 500 gems (there should be one in your expiring gifts mailbox, they are sent weekly). If you have enough gems to do a 2nd step at the 2500 price on the banner after doing the first one and not getting a target unit (which should be possible if you collect the rewards listed above) it is a good idea to do that 2nd step before starting over.

Note: Due to how variable the banner recommendations are from week to week, it is highly recommended to ask for help on Discord in #ac_questions to determine what the reroll priority is for the week.

How to Reroll[]

Android or Android emulator (such as Nox or Bluestacks): Close the app and go to Android > data > SG.gumi.alchemistww > files and delete "gu3c.dat". (If you have root enabled in Nox, you may first need to navigate to sdcard to find the Android directory). You may need a file manager that will show you hidden files. One that has been reported to work is CX File Explorer.

iOS: Reinstall the app (note that if you have jailbroken your device you may also be able to find the gu3c.dat file and remove it)

Reroll Unit Targets[]

During Collaboration[]

Generally speaking, if you are starting the game during a collaboration, you should try to get the best unit from it, as they are not available outside of the event and are usually (but not always) an SS tier unit. This was especially true for units like Levi or Merlinus, who were dominant in their elements; there are typically 1 or 2 of these units for every collab, and if you are a particular perfectionist, you may want to roll for both if there’s more than one.

Disclaimer: if you are rerolling on a collab, you NEED to obtain 3 copies of a unit’s equipment and it would be greatly preferred to transmute (craft) the gear needed to use their Weapon Ability (essentially an ultimate attack). Even if you have to gem for continues on these quests, it is worth it. If you don’t at least obtain the equipment, your unit will be useless as you will not be able to max their unique job and their maximum potential could also take a hit without their special weapon/gear (if available for the unit). It is possible to get wildcard (Omnicrystal) equipment to replace it, but it is not plentiful so it could take a long time to put the unit into service.

Outside a Collaboration[]

If a collab is not happening, but there are other good quality limited units available on a banner, you should typically reroll on that. Some examples are:

When no strong limited units are featured on a banner (this is extremely unlikely), you’d want to reroll for the best units you can get in the normal pool. Note that most normal pool units are farmable, but will take a while to farm to a good level. Ideally you want to look for units which are relatively useful with their first job (or are farmable and useful with their second job) and have a good long term rating. You will get many free units in your first week as well as a unit selector with shards to bring one unit to 15 limit breaks, so you don't need to worry too much if you don't get anything you can use right away and don't want to spend a lot of time rerolling.

You can consult the tier list to get an idea of the current rankings of units (see Using the Tier List for more advice on how to understand it). But keep in mind the rankings are based on units at max power, and many units require a lot of investment or time to reach max power. The recommended reroll targets are usually ones that don't require a ton of investment to play well on a new account. Also keep an eye on the Viable and Important information for units, as this will let you know if a unit requires something (such as a limited time job upgrade) you may not have to maximize their power.

If you want more help figuring out which units to target based on the current game events, ask for help on Discord in #ac_questions. Typically the recommended reroll target will be pinned in the #gacha-sak_salts_rerolls channel.

Last update: November 4, 2021