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[Event] Blade of Oaths, Piercing Demonic Spear [edit | edit source]

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Event Period
February 6, 12:00 AM - February 19, 11:59 PM (World Time / PST)

Event Details:

Event Special Gear

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Greed Dike Jade Dragon
Attributes: Max HP Up, Water Res Up, Silence Res Up, Raises Max HP (recovers amount raised)/PATK/AGI after appearing on map if "Leo Falchion" is equipped, Enables Master Ability "Avarice Charge" (Once evolved to 5★) when equipped on Greed Dike units (Raises own AGI after appearing on map)

Complete the Event and collect Greed Dike Jade Dragon Shards to transmute the Event Special Gear!

Blade of Oaths, Piercing Demonic Spear (Hard)


Clear the quest to get the event limited gear for Kuza!

News,b976dfa3-2a98-541e-853e-564e25b0236c,e190542 explain EN 1580805949133.png

Kaiko Samonji
Attributes: MATK Up, DEX Up, Light Res Up, Chance of MATK Up, Enables Master Ability "Infernal Blade - Hell's Raven" when equipped on Kuza (Dark Slash ATK on enemy unit (Strong vs Light) [Range: 5, Height Range: 2])

Blade of Oaths, Piercing Demonic Spear (Boss)


Complete the Event and clear Milestone Missions to collect Boss Challenge Tickets!

Boss Challenge Tickets can be used to challenge the Event Boss to earn Event Coins!

Event Coins can be used to exchange for attractive rewards!

Milestone Missions can only be cleared once, if you have already cleared the missions before, it won’t be available again.