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Starting Items[]

New accounts start with the following:

In addition the following items are sent as a bonus in gifts:

  • Fire Soul Shard x 170
  • Wind Soul Shard x 170
  • Thunder Soul Shard x 170
  • Water Soul Shard x 165
  • Light Soul Shard x 165
  • Dark Soul Shard x 165
  • Rainbow Soul Shard x 165
  • Rainbow Ingot x 80
  • Gold Ingot x 390
  • Silver Ingot x 290
  • Crystal Apple x 370
  • Forbidden Apple x 145
  • Apple of Accomplishment x 145
  • Gold Alchemia Pot x 290
  • Silver Alchemia Pot x 145
  • Bronze Alchemia Pot x 145
  • Reminiscences of a Robot x 4
  • 5 Star Enlightened Unit 25-Soul Shard Summon Ticket x 4
  • Ratty's Bliss x 100
  • Memento Summon Ticket x 9
  • 4+ Star Evolution Material 10-Summon Ticket x 9
  • 5 Star Unit Selector x 1
    • Units available: Zahar, Chloe, Yomi, Vettel, Elizabeth, Magnus, Anastasia, Balt, Mielikki, Fung Liu, Ryle, Shayna, Rosa, Suzuka, Reimei, Flamel, Shenmei, Eve, Albea, Lucretia, Fraise, Teona, Hazel, Aruba, Dorothea, Aswald, Spica, Lupinus, Margaret, Deneb, Mei Fang, Gormalas, Ramses, Vivi, Neica, Sophia, Setsuna, Eizan, Tamamo, Mikoto, Nasario, Yunagi, Jin, Olga, Chao, Leoniaz, Ravina, Noah, Zofia, Annika, Hugo, Daisy, Priscilla, Klima, Itsuki, Reido, Izayoi, Tethys, Fairily, Cordelia, Emma, Tomas, Gerald, Natalie, Tsang Lei, Lucia, Ila, Ankh, Creto
  • 5 Star 50-Soul Shard Selector x 3 (same units as unit selector)

Note: You will also get Chloe free from Challenge Board 1, a unit selector with a more limited selection of units from Challenge board 6, and Zain free from Challenge Board 7.

Login Bonuses[]

In addition to the standard login bonuses, new players get a special 7 day login bonus:

  1. GemsGems x 1,000
  2. GemsGems x 1,000
  3. GemsGems x 1,000
  4. GemsGems x 1,000
  5. GemsGems x 1,000
  6. GemsGems x 1,000
  7. GemsGems x 1,000

Starting Beginner Only Summons[]

As a new player you will get a free 10x unit summon every day for the first 7 days.

In addition, you will get access to the Start Dash Summon for 7 days, which is 500 gems for the first 10x pull, and on the 3rd step you can get a guaranteed 5 star unit with 150 shards for the unit. This banner only contains normal pool units (you will get quite a lot of these over time) and they are farmable, so whether you want to pull on this banner is up to your personal judgement.

Beginner Shop[]

For the first 7 days of your account, you will have access to the Beginner Shop under the Secret Shops section. The contents are at a steep discount. Some items are for zeni, and there are also some equipment packs for 100 gems each for specific units (this equipment can be used for any unit with the same job). In addition the memento enhancement set, alchemy drops and event skip tickets may be worth purchasing for gems. These items can be obtained in other ways, but the price for purchasing is relatively cheap for the value they provide, and they are sharply discounted from normal shop prices in the Beginner Shop.

Note: Some items in the beginner shop cost paid gems. If you plan to spend on the game, the elemental shards are worth investing in as they are a very good deal. It is not worth buying the Start Dash Set because it contains an outdated unit selector. It costs 540 paid gems to buy all of the elemental shards, which can be obtained by buying Alchemist's Pact and the Bag of Gems. The unit shards for paid gems can speed up your game play a bit, but those units are all farmable 3 shards a day, so buying those packs will at most save you a month and a half of farming.

Event Board Beginner Missions[]

Events Button Example

The events button is located at the left of the home screen, in the right column of the button bar.

The event board includes milestones for new players

Each of the first 6 days of your new account, a new set of event missions become available. The day tracker for the mission board is based on 24 hour periods from when the account was first created, not the daily reset.

The missions are additive, they do not disappear when you get to the next day if you haven't completed them. The event board is available for 7 days from when the account is created.

Note: Since the missions have been updated, it might be required that you have Aswald to complete all the missions. If you don't have her, you will miss out on 25 Dark Shards and 2 Sinful Bubble. Unfortunately, if you don't pull Aswald randomly from whatever summons you are doing (she is a normal pool 5 star unit), the only way to get her before day 7 is to purchase something to get her from the First Purchase Reward. This seems to be their sneaky way to encourage you heavily to spend money. You can get the reward by just buying the 99 cent bundle if you don't want to spend more on the game, but if you don't want to spend anything at all you will be fine without the two rewards you will miss out on.

[Beginner] Missions Day 1[]

Name of Milestone PEXP Gems Other Rewards
[Beginner] Clear Story Quest Episode 1: Act 1-1 once Alchemy DropletsAlchemy Droplets (x15)
[Beginner] Limit Break a unit once Equipment 10-Summon TicketEquipment 10-Summon Ticket (x7)
[Beginner] Clear Event Quest once Skip TicketSkip Ticket (x100)
[Beginner] Equip equipment on any unit Crystal AppleCrystal Apple (x50)
[Beginner] Buy Item from any shop Gold IngotGold Ingot (x100)
[Beginner] Use Summoning once Fire 5★ Unit Summon TicketFire 5★ Unit Summon Ticket (x1)
[Beginner] Clear quest together with a mercenary 11000
[Beginner] Spend 500 gems 750
[Beginner] Raise any unit's level level to 50 750
[Beginner] Final Reward 1 Dark 5★ Unit Summon TicketDark 5★ Unit Summon Ticket (x1)

[Beginner] Missions Day 2[]

Name of Milestone PEXP Gems Other Rewards
[Beginner] Limit Break a unit 5 times Fire Soul ShardFire Soul Shard (x25)
[Beginner] Raise Logi's Soldier job level to 3 Gear RodGear Rod (x5)
[Beginner] Raise a unit's skill level 3 times Water Soul ShardWater Soul Shard (x25)
[Beginner] Clear Event Quest 3 times Event Skip TicketEvent Skip Ticket (x50)
[Beginner] Clear Story Quest 5 times Skip TicketSkip Ticket (x100)
[Beginner] Use Summoning 5 times Water 5★ Unit Summon TicketWater 5★ Unit Summon Ticket (x1)
[Beginner] Play a Multiplay Quest once Crystal AppleCrystal Apple (x125)
[Beginner] Raise Aswald's Shadow Assassin job level to 3 Gold IngotGold Ingot (x100)
[Beginner] Buy Item from any shop 4+★ Equipment 10-Summon Ticket4+★ Equipment 10-Summon Ticket (x6)
[Beginner] Final Reward 2 18000

[Beginner] Missions Day 3[]

Name of Milestone PEXP Gems Other Rewards
[Beginner] Clear Story Quest Episode 1: Act 2-10 once Thunder 5★ Unit Summon TicketThunder 5★ Unit Summon Ticket (x1)
[Beginner] Raise a unit's skill level 10 times Gold Alchemia PotGold Alchemia Pot (x50)
[Beginner] Enhance any equipment once Orichalcum OreOrichalcum Ore (x50)
[Beginner] Enhance any gear once Thunder Soul ShardThunder Soul Shard (x25)
[Beginner] Raise Logi's level to 30 22000
[Beginner] Use Summoning 20 times Wind 5★ Unit Summon TicketWind 5★ Unit Summon Ticket (x1)
[Beginner] Play a Multiplay Quest 3 times Sacred Lion BladeSacred Lion Blade (x5)
[Beginner] Spend 1000 gems 1250
[Beginner] Clear Event Quest 5 times Crystal AppleCrystal Apple (x125)
[Beginner] Final Reward 3 Rainbow Soul ShardRainbow Soul Shard (x25)

[Beginner] Missions Day 4[]

Name of Milestone PEXP Gems Other Rewards
[Beginner] Clear Story Quest Episode 1: Act 3-10 once 9000
[Beginner] Change Chloe's job once. Wind Soul ShardWind Soul Shard (x25)
[Beginner] Raise Chloe's level to 60 Ratty's Bliss Summon TicketRatty's Bliss Summon Ticket (x50)
[Beginner] Raise Chloe's Holy Knight job level to 9 Evolution Material 10-Summon TicketEvolution Material 10-Summon Ticket (x10)
[Beginner] Max a unit's skill level Light Soul ShardLight Soul Shard (x25)
[Beginner] Use Summoning 30 times Light 5★ Unit Summon TicketLight 5★ Unit Summon Ticket (x1)
[Beginner] Play a Multiplay Quest 5 times Alchemy DropsAlchemy Drops (x25)
[Beginner] Raise Aswald's Shadow Assassin job level to 9 Dark Soul ShardDark Soul Shard (x25)
[Beginner] Raise the level of any Memento by 10 Reminiscences of a Robot Summon TicketReminiscences of a Robot Summon Ticket (x10)
[Beginner] Final Reward 4 1500

[Beginner] Missions Day 5[]

Name of Milestone PEXP Gems Other Rewards
[Beginner] Clear Story Quest Chapter 1 Episode 2: Act 1-10 once 5-Elemental Soul Shard Summon Ticket5-Elemental Soul Shard Summon Ticket (x5)
[Beginner] Limit Break any unit 10x Sapphire Eye of EnlightenmentSapphire Eye of Enlightenment (x5)
[Beginner] Raise any unit's level level to 75 Topaz Eye of EnlightenmentTopaz Eye of Enlightenment (x5)
[Beginner] Give the Hard Quests a Shot Ruby Eye of EnlightenmentRuby Eye of Enlightenment (x5)
[Beginner] Clear Event Quests 10 times Rare Evolution Material 10-Summon TicketRare Evolution Material 10-Summon Ticket (x10)
[Beginner] Buy Item from any shop Gold Gear ShardGold Gear Shard (x100)
[Beginner] Evolve any gear once Rainbow IngotRainbow Ingot (x25)
[Beginner] Raise any unit's job level to 11 5★ Equipment 10-Summon Ticket5★ Equipment 10-Summon Ticket (x3)
[Beginner] Enlighten any unit Winged Serpent of EnvyWinged Serpent of Envy (x130)
[Beginner] Final Reward 5 2500

[Beginner] Missions Day 6[]

Name of Milestone PEXP Gems Other Rewards
[Beginner] Clear Story Quest Chapter 1 Episode 2: Act 2-10 once Heroic Bear of SlothHeroic Bear of Sloth (x130)
[Beginner] Raise any unit's level level to 85 Mountain Ram of LustMountain Ram of Lust (x130)
[Beginner] Give the Hard Quests a Shot Wild Boar of GluttonyWild Boar of Gluttony (x130)
[Beginner] Clear Event Quests 15 times Unicorn of WrathUnicorn of Wrath (x130)
[Beginner] Buy an item from any shop Dark Fox of GreedDark Fox of Greed (x130)
[Beginner] Play a Multiplay Quest 10 times Sinful IndulgenceSinful Indulgence (x9)
[Beginner] Spar in the Arena 3 times Country Token 10-Summon TicketCountry Token 10-Summon Ticket (x40)
[Beginner] Enlighten any unit Elemental Crystal x10 Summon TicketElemental Crystal x10 Summon Ticket (x15)
[Beginner] Clear Story Quest Chapter 1 Episode 5: Act 3-10 once Retribution for SinRetribution for Sin (x6)
[Beginner] Final Reward 6 Sinful BubbleSinful Bubble (x2)

Beginner Daily Missions[]

These daily missions are available each day for the first 7 days on a new account under Missions in the Daily section.

Name of Milestone PEXP Gems Other Rewards
[Beginner Daily] Clear a Story Quest once 1500 Skip TicketSkip Ticket (x5)
[Beginner Daily] Raise a unit's level 1500 Crystal AppleCrystal Apple (x25), 500000 Zeni
[Beginner Daily] Equip a unit with equipment 1500 Gold IngotGold Ingot (x15), 500000 Zeni
[Beginner Daily] Clear a quest together with a mercenary 7500 Alchemy DropsAlchemy Drops (x3)
[Beginner Daily] Use Summoning 500 Evolution Material 10-Summon TicketEvolution Material 10-Summon Ticket (x3)

Multiplayer First Meeting Bonus[]

You will get 25 gems for each new player you meet in multiplayer quests up to the first 10.

New Player Bundles[]

If you plan to spend any money on the game, there are a variety of spending options. Some are available regularly and some are only available to purchase once or when you are new. Keep in mind that there are some items that you can only buy with paid gems (such as the elemental shards in the beginner shop) so you should take that into account when spending.

Level Up Bundle[]

This $5.99 bundle gives you 10,500 free gems total as you level up. You can only purchase it once. You will immediately gain access to the gems for the levels you have already attained and will access the others as you reach those levels. This bundle does not expire, so you can wait to purchase it until you are ready.

Commencement Bundle[]

This $4.99 bundle includes 500 free gems, a 5 star unit selector (which includes some units not on the new player selector such as the Sacred Stone Memories templar units) and 50 unit shard selector with the same unit pool as the unit selector. It is only available for the first 7 days on new accounts. Note that you get no paid gems with this bundle, so it can't be used to buy the paid items in the beginner shop.

Other Purchases[]

For details about spending in general and which purchases are efficient, see the Spending Guide,