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This list of resources should help you get started right on your adventure in The Alchemist Code.

First Steps[]

  • Beginner's Guide - some useful basic starting guidance - every player should at least read the tips section!
  • Reroll Guide - if you are trying for an optimal start, this guide will explain the process of rerolling and give some idea of which units to look for
  • New Player Starting Bonuses - a list of all the initial benefits you get as a new player
  • Unit Selector Guidance - an overview of some of the better units you can pick from your new player selector (it is recommended you wait a week before selecting one)
  • Level Requirements - what the minimum level is for various game features

Unit Mechanics[]

  • Basic Unit Mechanics - this will explain some of the basics of how units work
    • Unit Shards - guidance on how to get character shards to raise your units to higher max level and access additional jobs
    • Elemental Shards - guidance on how to get elemental shards, which can be used as a replacement for unit shards for limit breaks (but not enlightenment)
    • Equipment - some basic guidance on how to get equipment and what it's used for
    • Gear - some basic guidance on how to get gear and what it's used for
    • List of Units - lists all units currently released in the game
    • Free Units - lists all units acquired for free, from temporary or permanent quests
    • Ability Leveling - some guidance on how to judge which abilities to level
    • Memento - some basic information on what mementos are
    • Master Ability - some units receive upgraded stats or skills from special quests (usually at level 80)
    • Babel War Art - some units receive new or upgraded skills from special quests unlocked at level 85
    • Enlightenment - this is an advanced feature for upgrading units once they reach level 85
    • Truth Seals - this is an advanced feature for adding stats to units once you have reached player level 150
    • Enlightened Bond - this is an advanced feature for specific groups of units who have maxed all enlightenment gates
  • Jobs - this will explain some of the basics of how jobs work
    • List of Jobs - this lists all the jobs available to units currently released in the game with short summaries of what they do
    • Job Upgrades - this explains what job upgrades have been released and how they are acquired

Combat Mechanics[]

What to Do[]

  • Milestones - milestones are one of the main reward systems in the game, this explains the various types
    • Daily Milestones - these are generally recommended to do every day and are your primary source of AP
  • Story Quests - these quests will give you many rewards through milestones and challenges, as well as provide access to good equipment farming quests and hard quests for farming character shards
    • Challenges - these are an additional reward system you can progress through when doing story quests (the 6th challenge board gives a 5 star unit selector)
    • Farmable Character Shards - lists which character shards currently can be farmed through hard quests and where to find their quests
      • Shard Farm Priority - lists units to farm according of importance of their relative power in the Game
  • Event Quests - these quests are a mixture of limited time events and some permanent quests that are separate from the main story
    • Multiplay - many event quests have a multiplayer version (new players get 25 gems from the first 10 players they meet in multiplayer quests)
    • Babel Chronicles - this is a special permanent story event where you play units provided for you (except for the EX quests) and learn more about the history of some of the units. There are also farms for some units available here
    • Event Archives - these allow you to replay some previous limited time events
  • Trials
    • Mystic Tower Veda - this is a special event available periodically (usually once a month for 2 weeks) that you can slowly progress through to receive significant rewards
  • Battle
    • Arena - this is an additional source of daily gems and coins for the Phantom Battle Coin Exchange Shop
    • PvP (Ranked Match) - this is a live player vs player combat which is available periodically (usually once every month or two for a week) which provides rewards for both participation and wins
    • Draft Match - this is a live player vs player combat where you use prebuilt units picked from a draft. It runs for a week whenever available and provides coins for a shop from wins and kills
  • Raids - these are high end events to fight challenging bosses
  • Babel Expedition - this feature is available to players at level 150+ to acquire additional items and unit buffs


  • Acquiring Gems - reference on the various ways in the game to collect gems for summoning
  • Spending Guide - reference on how to best optimize spending of real world money in the game, including tips on ways to purchase gems without spending money
  • Unit Transmute Guide - guidance on how to determine when it is appropriate to transmute a unit instead of summoning for them

Unit Prioritization[]


  • Team Building - some advice on what to think about when building teams for quests
  • Leader Skills - some advice on what to think about when choosing a leader skill
  • Friends - explains how the friends system works (a key source of mercenaries and friend coins)
  • Current and Upcoming News and Events - overview of what new limited time and permanent changes are expected soon
  • Alchemist Code DB - helpful database of units, items, gear, quests and milestones, as well as a unit planner
  • Alchemist Code DB Unit Planner - test out various configurations on units to see how their stats are affected
  • Zeni Management - how to manage/acquire in-game money
  • Shops - some information on the various shops available and what you can get from them (for new players the beginner shop is a high priority and monitoring other shops for equipment can also be useful)
  • Guides and Rankings - additional sources of useful information
  • Auto Repeat - explains how the auto repeat feature works
  • Glossary of Terms - clarifies common terms used in reference to the game
  • Login Bonuses
  • Alchemia Port - these are essentially guilds, primarily used for rewards from Raids and Port Battle. They also provide daily rewards for participation and the option to farm shards via the Soul Port, so all players should join one.
  • Also feel free to ask questions in the Discord channel in #ac_questions