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Documentation for this module may be created at Module:Data/Model/JobSet/doc

return {
  iname    = "String",
  lrare    = "Integer", -- Limit by rarity?
  llv1     = "Integer", -- Job level required to unlock job change?
  lplus    = "Integer", -- Limit break required for job change?
  ['nil']  = "String", -- Status of whether the job is released (seems to only be relevant for job upgrades)
  -- References
  job      = {"String", dataRef="MasterParam/Job"},
  ljob1    = {"String", dataRef="MasterParam/Job"}, -- Job
  cjob     = {"String", dataRef="MasterParam/JobSet"}, -- Job Change
  target_unit = {"String", dataRef="MasterParam/Unit"}, -- Target unit for the job