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Enhancement and Tradables[]

Items that essentially have a direct conversion to some currency or value, such as experience and Zeni.

Unit Exp - Apples
Can be used on a unit to increase its experience points and unit level.
Equipment Exp - Alchemia Pots
Can be used on equipment that a unit is holding to increase its experience points and equipment rank.
Note: Just about any item can be used to enhance equipment; Alchemia Pots just have a much better experience value then other items.
Gear Exp - Ore
Can be used on gear to increase its experience points and gear level.
Zeni - Ingots
Can be sold to the shop for a considerable amount of Zeni.

Event and Limited[]

These can only be found during time-limited events or given as gifts for promotions.

Unit Exp - Apples (Events)
Unit Exp - Apples (Promotion)
Given as a gift to all players for reaching certain goals on social media, downloads, etc.
Zeni - Ingots


Can be used to access quests for a limited amount of time and/or runs.


Rarity, which determines a unit's maximum leader skill, unit level, job levels and limit break level, can be increased by using these items.

For the colored evolution materials, only the color of the unit's element is needed.

Evolving from 1★ to 2★
Requires: 1 alchemia, 1 golem and 10,000 Zeni.
Evolving from 2★ to 3★
Requires: 1 alchemia, 1 goddess and 25,000 Zeni.
Evolving from 3★ to 4★
Requires: 1 alchemia, 1 golem, 1 goddess and 50,000 Zeni.
Evolving from 4★ to 5★
Requires: 1 alchemia, 1 colored golem, 1 colored goddess, 1 rainbow golem and 50,000 Zeni.
Additionally, some units require a rainbow goddess.


These materials are for units that have different evolution requirements.