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What is a Memento Group?[]

It is a group of Mementos that are bound together by a story arc from The Alchemist Code.

Why Use a Memento from a Memento Group?[]

Selecting a Memento from a Memento Group to equip to your unit(s) comes with several benefits.

  • Your party leader gains access to the Memento's Leader Skill (which effects all party members equipped with a Memento from that group).
  • For each subsequent member of your party (including subs), you gain an additional 2% bonus (up to 10% if all party members are equipped with a memento from the group).
  • Selecting a mercenary unit with a memento from the same group will double the party leader's Memento Leader Skill effects.

What is a Memento Leader Skill?[]

A Memento Leader Skill (MLS) changes a unit's leader skill based on the memento equipped to the unit. The memento must be fully enhanced, max limit break and level, for the leader skill to be available, and must be equipped in the primary memento slot. Additionally, only certain mementos have a MLS.

What are the benefits of a Memento Leader Skill?[]

Generally speaking, a Memento Leader Skill is more potent and has one or more strong vs. sin traits (ex. strong vs. greed) in addition to increased stat buffs.

What else do I need to know about Memento Leader Skills?[]

There are some restrictions for your party when receiving the Memento Leader Skill buff. In order for units in your party to receive the buff they must have a memento from the same Memento Group equipped in the primary memento slot - it is not required for the unit to belong to that group, only the memento they have equipped. Do note that your party leader is the only unit that needs to have a fully enhanced memento for the whole party to reap the benefits of their equipped Memento Leader Skill.

The Memento Belongs to Multiple Groups?[]

If, as is the case with some Mementos, they belong to multiple groups the primary group for that memento determines which group the Memento Leader Skill has an effect on. So choose wisely in these cases.

Memento Groups[]

Group Symbol Group Name
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup kisoutai.png Blade Fox
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup souenkishi.png Blue Flame Guard
Subgroup brave frontier.png Brave Frontier
Subgroup crystal of re-union.png Crystal of Re:union
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,group dung.png DanMachi
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup people of desert.png Desert Dwellers
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup north festival.png Festival Representatives
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,group FgG.png FgG Collab
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,SUBGROUP GL ORIGINAL.png Global Original
Greed Dike Army icon.png Greed Dike Army
Holy Guard icon.png Holy Guard
Knighthood of Wratharis icon.png Knighthood of Wrathris
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup pirate.png Pirates
Royal Knights of Envylia icon.png Royal Knights of Envylia
Scarlet Flame Guard icon.png Scarlet Flame Guard
Shadow Messiah icon.png Shadow Messiah
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup shayna fanclub.png Shayna Fanclub
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup sloth technician.png Slothstein Engineer
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup jikkaisyu.png Templars
Subgroup tsp.png That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
Subgroup shield hero.png The Rising of the Shield Hero
Subgroup ts.png The Seven Deadly Sins
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup troublemakers.png Troublemakers
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup venus magicschool.png Venus School of Magic
Game,ConceptCardGroupImage,subgroup wadatusmi samurai family.png Wadatsumi Clan