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Nimul and Emmel
Long ago in the distant past, there were two who aimed to become gods. Nimul and Emmel... Brother and sister said to be the founders of Alchemy. They used forbidden arts to build a tower that rose to the heavens. However, seeing this as makind's arrogance, the gods delivered a crushing blow. They sealed Nimul and confused the tonges of man, causing the world to be separated completely. The empty remnants of the high tower that remained were called Babel. They stood as a symbol to foolish sin that mankind had committed. Nimul and Emmel
The Tower of Babel
Nimul and Emmel, the founders of Alchemy, attempted to create a tower that reached the heavens as a symbol to unify the world. Standing in the center of the continent, it is visible from any country. The tower, which has begun to collapse in places, can be seen to have existed from ancient times. From its center, light of the Grand Excelsior—said to be a mass of Philosopher's Stones, leaks from the tower's cracks. The Tower of Babel
Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stones
In ancient times... Those that formed the Holy Order of Babel performed research to lead the continent to peace, ultimately creating Alchemy. Because of its mighty power, it was used, by principle, for altruistic purposes. However, at the center of the continental warfare, there arose those who wielded it with selfish intentions. Based on these occurrences on the continent of Babel, Alchemy became a forbidden art. Additionally, souls that are transmuted have been referred to as phantoms. Alchemy and the Philosopher's Stones
Alchemia Particles and the Alchemist Code
Alchemia Particles... This refers to the particles that Philosopher's Stones are made from, and are contained in all that exists ont the continent of Babel. Amongst these, there has been confirmation of those with prominent levels of Alchemy. Within mankind, the Holy Guard Paladins fit this criteria. Forbidden from negative emotions such as hatred, anger, and fear, they live under the law of the Alchemist Code. Alchemia Particles and the Alchemist Code
The Rebels of Wratharis
In principle, only the Paladins are permitted to deal with Alchemy on the continent of Babel. However, using the Philosopher's Stones scatterd across the continent, ordinary humans, too, can gain the ability to wield Alchemy. The alchemists of the lost kingdom Wratharis are rumored to be secretly extracting blood, which they then crystallize and refine into Philosopher's Stones. The Rebels of Wratharis
Here are some definitions about the Alchemist Colde world lore.
  • Alchemy: Alchemy allows its users to create anything in exchange for something of equal value. Even the usage of souls is no exception. Warriors and heroes of the past can be manifested in reality through transmutation of souls. They are specifically called Phantoms.
  • Phantoms: The manifestations of the transmutation of souls of warriors or heroes of the past through Alchemy.
  • Nimul and Emmel: Long ago in the distant past, there were two who aimed to become gods. They were brother and sister considered to be the founders of Alchemy. It is said that they used forbidden arts to build a tower that rose to the heavens, the Tower of Babel.
  • Tower of Babel: The sky-piercing tower which Nimul and Emmel, the founders of Alchemy, built using their power. It rises in the middle of the continent and can be seen from any of the land's kingdoms. It now stands as a symbol for the great foolish sin mankind has committed.
  • Continent of Babel: The Continent of Babel is comprised of the far-reaching lands beneath the Tower of Babel, within which the Kingdom of Northern Pride holds a leading function. Located to the North is Slothstein, there are Lustburg and Greed Dike to the East, and Envylia, Old Wratharis and the Desert Zone to the West. Gluttony Foss and the Saga Region are spread out to the North of the Desert Zone.
  • Seven Kingdoms of Babel: Long ago, there was a war between the Seven Kingdoms of the Babel Continent, in which Alchemy was used as a weapon. Because of its enormous destruction, and sensing its threat to human kind, the Nations of Babel formed the Alliance of the Seven Kingdoms, led by the suzerain state of Northern Pride. They branded Alchemy as the Forbidden Art.
  • Philosopher's Stone: It is said that anyone who obtains a Philosopher's Stone can use the Forbidden Art of Alchemy.
  • Ouroboros: Ouroboros exists in another dimension called the Door of Truth. She is only visible however to anyone who has made a pact with the Door of Truth. By making a pact with Ouroboros, one obtains the power of Alchemy, the Forbidden Art, and can create all things, even without using a Philosopher's Stone.
  • Door of Truth: The Door of Truth is the dimension where pacts are made with Ouroboros. Strong souls who come in touch with a Philosopher's Stone can be called to the Door of Truth. By making a pact with Ouroboros, one can obtain the Forbidden Art. It is said however, that when one's willpower and soul collapses, one's soul gets swallowed by the Door of Truth as compensation for the pact.