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The following is a Glossary of Terms used in The Alchemist Code or commonly by players of the game.


  • AoE: (Area of Effect) Describes an ability which targets an area rather than a specific single target
  • CC: (Crowd Control) Any type of de-buff applied to a unit which restricts their abilities (such as silence, slow or petrify).
  • CT: (Charge Time)  Charge time is used to determine when the unit will get their turn.
  • DC: Dark Cavalier (sometimes people also use this for Dragon Cavalier but typically for that they use DrC).
  • Dolphin: A player who spends a medium amount of money on the game.
  • DrC: Dragon Cavalier.
  • EL: (Enlightenment) A type of upgrade for units that are already at max limit break (known as Kaigan in JP)
  • F2P: (Free to Play) A player who does not spend money on the game.
  • Gacha: Refers to the loot box mechanism used in games like TAC to allow for rewards to be obtained via chance by spending in-game currency, with the option of exchanging real world money for additional in-game currency. See Wikipedia's section on gacha games for more details.
  • GLEX: Refers to global exclusive content such as Magni Historia. Technically this content is actually global original as it may later be available elsewhere, but many use this term to describe it.
  • HB: (Holy Brawler) Holy Brawler Holy Brawler.
  • HQ: (Hard Quest) A hard version of a story quest that can be used to farm character shards for a specific unit.
  • Husbando: A male fictional character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga, or video game) that one is attracted to and considers a significant other.
  • J2: The 2nd job of a character.
  • J3: The 3rd job of a character.
  • J+: Also known as job+, which is a job upgrade designed for a single unit.
  • J++: Job+ upgrade to a J+ (see Job Upgrades for more details).
  • JC: Job Change (used to refer to both J+ and JE).
  • JE: Job Enhancement, also known as Enchanted Job (see Job Upgrades for more details).
  • JE+: Job+ upgrade to a Job Enhancement (see Job Upgrades for more details).
  • JM/JM'd/JMed: (Job Mastery/Mastered) Getting a unit's job to Level 11 with all equipment on. This is what gives said unit a passive buff on certain stats, (varies depending on the job) That is carried over regardless of equipped job.
  • Kaigan: Japanese name for Enlightenment.
  • KG: Shorthand for kaigan, the Japanese name for Enlightenment.
  • Limited: Used sometimes to describe units not part of the normal gacha pool (such as time limited units like Uzuma or collaboration units). Some people also use it to describe units who are part of the normal unit pool but did not receive hard quests in Japan until recently.
  • LS: Leader skill.
  • LV/Lv/lv: (level) the level of a unit, can be increased by battling or using apples.
  • MA: (Martial Artist or Master Ability depending on the context).
  • Memento/Meme: A form of special gear that has it's own allocated slot and provides benefits and potentially abilities for units (See Memento for more info).
  • MH: (Magni Historia) A global original event that returns periodically.
  • Minnow: A player who spends a small amount of money on the game.
  • MLB: Max limit break.
  • MLS: Memento leader skill - a special type of leader skill that can be provided by a max memento to other units wearing mementos within the same group.
  • MM: Magic Meister or Martial Master.
  • Nensou: Japanese term for Memento.
  • MP: (Multi-Player).
  • OC: (Overclock) A Chronomancer ability which grants the target 100 CT, allowing them to take an instant turn but keeping their previous CT for the following turn.
  • PBAoE: (Point Blank Area of Effect) Describes an ability which targets an area in point blank range (around self) rather than a specific single target or area effect at range
  • POTK/POTA: (Phantom of the Alchemist / Phantom of the Kill) A collaboration event of a game also owned by Gumi which frequently returns. This is also often called the 3 Title Event because it also includes content from Shinobia.
  • Sak: ("lucksacked") Get lucky on a pull.
  • Set Ability/Set Overview: This is an ability that is upgraded by equipping a specific gear. You can view this in game under the "Set Overview" button for a gear if it has any set abilities available (for example, Jin's memento VCR Vestiges of Murasaki provides a set ability which upgrades the skill given by his farmable gear Cursed Kunai - Blood Edge)
  • SM: (Shrine Maiden).
  • Snowball: A passive which gives the bonus in battle when certain condition is fulfill (receive damage, kill an enemy) and can be stacked (general cap 5 or 10).
  • SSM: (Sacred Stone Memories) A permanent side story event that has several chapters.
  • ST: (Single Target) Usually used in the phrase "ST Damage", refers to single target as opposed to multiple target.
  • TAC: (The Alchemist Code) The name of the game.
  • Tokkou: Bonus damage against a specific enemy tag or status on enemy. For example a tokkou is something like Strong vs Fire, Strong vs Humans, Strong vs enemies with an agility debuff, etc.
  • VA: (Vision Ability) An ability granted to a unit that fulfills certain conditions provided by a Memento once equipped.
  • VCR: (Vision Clear Reward) This is a reward (usually gear but sometimes items) that you are given from reaching each 100% alchemic boundary on a memento.
  • Veil: Any ability that prevents status effects (such as merchant poison pill or professor vaccine).
  • VH: (Veritas Historia) A global original event that returns periodically, sometimes with new chapters.
  • WA: (Weapon Ability) An ability granted to a unit by Gear, can be character specific.
  • Waifu: A female fictional character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga, or video game) that one is attracted to and considers a significant other.
  • Whale: A player who spends a large amount of money on the game.