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Units get up to 3 gear slots (one immediately, one at limit break 10, and one at limit break 25). Gear can be moved between units as needed, unlike equipment which is permanently applied to a unit to raise job levels.

Gear benefits do not stack. For more info, read stacking Gear benefits later in the page.

Acquiring Gear[]

There are four main types of gear in the game:

  • Gacha (Summonable): This gear is primarily acquired via summon banners (typically a 3 step banner, where step 1 is 300 gems for 10x gear). Sometimes you can get this gear also through gear tickets acquired through a variety of sources or you can transmute it from gear shards which are sometimes available in specialized shops (such as the Veda Coin Exchange). The highest base rarity that gacha gear comes in is 4 stars, although there are sometimes special banners (typically paid ones) which will give a 5 star version of a 4 star gear.
  • Free (Farmable): This gear is primarily acquired via special events, some of which are permanently available in game, and some of which are only available temporarily (and sometimes return periodically). Sometimes free gear can be farmed infinitely, but in other cases there may be a transmute limit (such as a limit of 3 transmuted for the Moon Star Armor), a limited amount of shards available, or the item may be given directly so you can only acquire one of them.
  • Vision Clear Reward (VCR): This gear is acquired as a reward from reaching 100% alchemic boundary on a memento. For every 100% alchemic boundary, the memento will give another copy of the gear. In some cases (typically with free mementos) they may give gear shards instead of the gear and there may be a transmute limit. Many VCR gear are limited to specific units or jobs.
  • PvP: This gear is acquired via PvP, which is only periodically available. The gear generally is only worthwhile if you are using it in PvP because it has bonuses that only activate in PvP.

Stacking Gear Stats[]

Note that when you equip multiple gear items, the benefits from the same stat do not stack- the higher version of the stat is used. For example, if you equip piece of gear that adds 3 agility and another that has 5 agility, you will only receive 5 agility, not 8.

Gear Equipment Requirements[]

Most gear items that are weapons are specific to certain jobs (typically accessories and armor are not unless they are VCR gear, but there are exceptions). You can look at the class icons on the gear details page to see which jobs can use it. You can also click the magnifying glass in the top right to see more information about the gear and if there are specific unit requirements to equip it.

Gear Detail Example

An example of the gear detail page

Gear Types[]

You can also only have one gear item of a each type on at a time, with the exception of accessories which you can use as many as you like, but not more than one of the same item. Below is a list of the three types of gear and their respective icons (displayed in the bottom right of the gear).

Gear Type Gear Icon Limit Per Unit
No limit

Leveling Gear[]

You can upgrade gear levels by using upgrade materials (which can be farmed in the Mineral Garden event or bought at the store). Gear increases in stats with level increases.

Item Icon Exp
Damask Ore
Damask Ore
Mithril Ore
Mithril Ore
Adamantine Ore
Adamantine Ore
Orichalcum Ore
Orichalcum Ore

Evolving Gear[]

Gear also can be evolved to a higher star rating once it has reached the maximum level for the current star rating. To evolve gear you must have the listed amount of gear shards for the same item. Alternately, you can use colored gear shards as replacements to evolve gear.

Note: When using wildcard shards, you do not have the option to use them if you have enough specific gear shards, so if you want to use bronze or silver shards to save on farming, use them before farming more shards of the gear.

Evolving gear to a higher star rating allows you to raise the level further and some gear also adds additional stats or abilities at higher star ratings. For example, sapphire earrings initially only grant HP, but at higher star ratings they will also grant some resistance to all types of status effects.

Shard Requirements for Evolving Gear
Gear Rarity Shards Required to Evolve Wildcard Shard Replacement Gear Level Required to Evolve
25 Bronze 10
★★ 50 Bronze 15
★★★ 75 Silver 20
★★★★ 100 Gold 25

Transmuting Gear[]

If you have enough gear shards of the appropriate type you can transmute it to make a new gear item. The amount of shards required will be displayed under the transmute tab. Each gear has an initial rarity, so the cost is determined by that initial rarity. Once transmuted you will need to level and evolve it to higher rarity levels. In some cases a gear may have a transmute limit which limits how many of that gear you can transmute.

Shard Requirements for Transmuting Gear
Initial Gear Rarity Shards Required to Transmute
★★ 50
★★★ 80
★★★★ 150
★★★★★ 777

Acquiring Gear Shards for Evolving/Transmuting[]

There are a few ways to get gear shards to use to evolve gear or transmute new gear items.

  • The Gear Projection event quest is available daily (you can run it 3 times). The hard version of the stage gives 4-8 shards of the featured 4 star gear for the month (the gear featured changes each month). The normal version gives you a ticket to summon a small amount of gear shards and rarely gives anything of value.
  • Dismantling a piece of gear will give you a small amount of shards for the item. If you have a lot of extra copies of the gear it may make sense to dismantle some to upgrade the others. You get much less shards for dismantling gear than you need to transmute gear so only do it for items you are sure you will never need.
  • Buying gear shards from the store. Gear shards in the standard shops generally cost gems and are not a good idea to purchase unless you plan to spend a lot of money on the game. However some coin exchange shops will have good gear shard options. In particular, the Veda Coin Exchange often has shards for good gear and you can get enough shards to transmute the gear if you don't own it. The Multi Coin Exchange and Soul Coin Exchange often sell small amounts of gear shards which may be helpful to gradually get enough to transmute or upgrade a gear, but it can take a long time to get enough to be useful.
  • Some specialized items available in higher level quests may have shards you can obtain from milestones, mission rewards or farming the quests. Usually these items are only available during limited events, but some are available permanently.
  • Bronze, silver and gold gear shards (used to replace specific item gear shards) can sometimes be acquired as rewards from quests and are also sold in the Veda Coin Exchange. They can't be used for transmuting but can be used for evolving gear.

Special Gear Abilities[]

Some gear grants special abilities. Those abilities may be limited only to certain characters or character types (for example, Battlefield Drama’s ability can only be used by female characters). If the gear ability is available to the character wearing it, it will appear as a master ability for casting. When a special ability is granted by gear, the gear can still be used by any character (subject to normal gear restrictions) but only characters meeting the ability restrictions will be able to use the special ability.

Gear Enlightenment Skills[]

Some gear have the option to learn special enlightened skills when at max level. Currently only some one-handed swords, staves/rods, spears and greatswords have this ability. For more details, see Enlightened Gear Skills.

Selecting Gear For Units[]

For general guidance on how to select gear for your units, see Gear Optimization.