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Invented Equipment[edit | edit source]

Hey, what happens when I put these two things together? Invented equipment are made combining 2 or more other equipment, all with your own ingenuity.

1 Star - Crude Crafts (2 Raw)
Who knew that a whistle was made from a feather and a hat? Two of the simplest 1* foraged equipment can be combined to make these, costing 300 Zeni to create.
2 Star - Armor (3 Raw)
Typically covering the defenses for job levels 3 and 4, these two equipment are made by combining a pair of 2* foraged equipment with a Thick HatThick Hat, costing 1200 Zeni to create.
2 Star - Support (4 Raw)
Not used as often as other equipment from this rarity, 2* support items are made from 1* crafted equipment. Each one requires 4 raw materials to create, as well 1200 Zeni.
3 Star - ??? (8 Raw) 5000 Zeni
3 Star - ??? (10 Raw) 5000 Zeni
4 Star - Resistance (21 Raw) 18000 Zeni
4 Star - ??? (33 Raw) 18000 Zeni
5 Star - Master Equipment
The epitome of assembly; these are usually only used in the final level of a job. Each item is carefully crafted from the corresponding 5* constructed item as a base. Combining it with 3 other equipment and 30,000 Zeni will yield the desired item.