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The following tables have these rows defined by this data entry.

nameValhalla Lance Shardヴァルハラランスの欠片
exprCollect 150 of these to create: Valhalla Lance150個集めると「ヴァルハラランス」を生成することが出来るアイテム
lang english english japanese japanese
param expr name expr name
value Collect 150 of these to create: Valhalla Lance Valhalla Lance Shard 150個集めると「ヴァルハラランス」を生成することが出来るアイテム ヴァルハラランスの欠片


server gl jp
ac 9999999
buy 1630
cap 999 9999
cmn_type 0
coin 48
encost 720
enpt 6
icon AF_ARMS_LAN_03
iname IT_AF_ARMS_LAN_03
is_valuables 0
mc 9999999
pp 150
rare 3
sell 480
tc 1440
type 14

Unused Keys

The following keys were not used by inserted into any table and are thus unused.

server gl jp
tabtype 6