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The information here summarizes what news has been made available via in-game news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube promotional videos.

Note: All times listed are in world time. Check your in-game clock to convert to your local time.

Current Limited Time Events[edit | edit source]

Recently Added Permanent Changes[edit | edit source]

  • New limited summon unit Na Zhu with job upgrades Shadow Assassin [Darkness] and Blademaster [Haze], enlightenment gates 1-6 and Babel War Art (April 8)
  • New summon mementos (April 8)
  • Greed Dike Army leader skills added for Until the Last of the Embers Burns, Halloween Panic and The Conqueror (April 8)
  • Enlightenment gate 6 added for Olga and Dias
  • Path to the Pitch-Black Holy Guard with J3 upgrade to Pitch-Black Holy Guard for Dias (April 8)
    • Pitch-Black Combat Boots obtained from Multi-Coin Exchange Shop, Story 1-4-1-10, 1-4-3-10, 1-5-3-10 (low drop rate), Friendship Coin Exchange, EX Coin Exchange
    • Pitch-Black Battle Gear obtained from Veda Coin Exchange Shop and new milestones
    • 4th Regiment Bade obtained from new milestones, quest mission from Nightmare Memories Episode 5, and quest mission from Breaking Through Your Limits
    • Desire Slayer obtained from Final Trial [Dias]
  • Unit buffs (April 8)
    • Zehn - skill improvement to Senken Akashi - increased AoE
  • Torchlight Through a Looking Glass (Zehn) added to Shadow Messiah MLS (April 8)
  • Daily event skip tickets and Magni Historia skip tickets added to Adventurer's Shop (April 1)
  • New limited summon Genesis unit Nicaea with job upgrades Pure Bride and Chronomancer [Trickster], enlightenment gates 1-6 and Babel War Art (April 1)
  • New limited summon Genesis memento After the Princess' Respite (Nicaea) with VCR Salacia Lance (April 1)
  • Enlightenment gate 3 added for Dark Mira and Dark Nyx and gate 6 added for Kaya and Lizardman (April 1)
  • Unit buffs (April 1)
    • Lizardman - skill improvements
      • Basic Attack - increased damage formula from 1.2 * PATK to 1.4 * PATK
      • Lizard Tail - increased damage formula from 1.2 * PATK to 1.4 * PATK
      • Reptile Bringer - increased damage formula from 1.2 * PATK to 1.4 * PATK
      • 6-Hit Skink - increased damage formula from 1.2 * PATK to 1.4 * PATK and skill count from 1 to 3 (including G5 version)
      • Tail of Evil - increased damage formula from 1.2 * PATK to 1.4 * PATK
    • Kaya - skill improvement to Illuminating Mechanical Dragon - Sealed Space - increased height range from 3 to 99
  • Phantom Battle Arena out of beta and each season will run from Monday through Sunday (March 29)

Upcoming Announced Changes/Events[edit | edit source]

Outstanding Contest Awards[edit | edit source]

Speculation on Possible Upcoming Events/Changes[edit | edit source]

Based on recent data mining or other information, the following are events/changes that may be coming soon. There is no guarantee that just because something is listed here that it will happen. For news from the Japanese server, see Japan News Summary.

  • Next master abilities expected are Ren and Moa (based on JP history)
  • Next unannounced job+ is Othima J++ (based on JP history)
  • New seasonal job+ expected after announced ones is Albea for summer
  • Oldest EX HQ we are missing is Rochelle then Ainanna.