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The information here summarizes what news has been made available via in-game news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube promotional videos. Most upcoming contents are released on Thursdays at the weekly reset time (12 AM world time). Note: All times listed are in world time. Check your in-game clock to convert to your local time.

Current Limited Time Events[]

Recently Added Permanent Changes[]

New limited summon Magni Historia memento What Could Have Been (Siegfried) with VCR Brass Rose (May 28)

Upcoming Announced Changes/Events[]

Outstanding Contest Awards[]

Speculation on Possible Upcoming Events/Changes[]

Based on recent data mining or other information, the following are events/changes that may be coming soon. There is no guarantee that it will happen just because something is listed here. See Japan News Summary for news from the Japanese server.

  • Next master abilities expected are Cheryl, Mocca, and Mia (based on JP history).
  • Next unannounced seasonal quest we are expecting is Zofia's job+, which should run sometime in summer.
  • Oldest EX HQ we are missing is Celis, Tanosuke, and Ugachi.