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The information here summarizes what news has been made available via in-game news, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube promotional videos.

Most new content is released on Thursdays at the weekly reset time (12 AM world time).

Note: All times listed are in world time. Check your in-game clock to convert to your local time.

Social Media Events[]

Current Limited Time Events[]

Recently Added Permanent Changes[]

Upcoming Announced Changes/Events[]

Outstanding Contest Awards[]

Speculation on Possible Upcoming Events/Changes[]

Based on recent data mining or other information, the following are events/changes that may be coming soon. There is no guarantee that just because something is listed here that it will happen. For news from the Japanese server, see Japan News Summary.

  • Next master abilities expected are Alma, Judith and Bud (based on JP history)
  • Next unannounced job+ is Acht J+ (based on JP history)
  • New seasonal job+ expected after announced ones is Ramses and Blanchett for Halloween
  • Oldest EX HQ we are missing is Ainanna and then Na Zhu
  • Translations have been appearing recently for Acht J+