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Babel Expedition is a feature where you send teams of 4 units from the area you are exploring for a period of time to acquire items. The items you bring back are registered in the codex for the area. When you complete the codex for an area, you get a small permanent buff to all units (not just those from that origin).

Accessing the Expedition[]

To access Babel Expedition, click the Expedition button in the bottom left of the home screen. You must be player level 150 to access this feature.

Babel expedition access example.jpg

Starting an Expedition[]

To create a team to explore, you can select 4 units from the area you are exploring and send them to explore for a period of time to collect items. The exploration time is 6 hours for level 1 and 8 hours for level 2. The total combat power of the units sent must be 18,000 or higher for level 1, 20,000 or higher for level 2 (currently due to a bug, Saga and Wadatsumi level 1 also take 8 hours). You must also have available the resources required for the expedition, which varies by each expedition. Sending units on an expedition does not prevent you from using the units for other content.

Optimizing Combat Power[]

To get your combat power high enough to complete expeditions, you may need to optimize your stats to get high enough. The formula for combat power is:

HP / 10 + AGI * 5 + All Other Stats (PATK, PDEF, MATK, MDEF, DEX, CRIT, LUCK)

Only stats that display on the unit screen will count towards this, bonuses that are only available in combat will not. Swapping in gear, memento and runes that will raise those particular stats as high as possible (even if they are not useful stats for the unit) will make it easier to get the number up. In some cases you may wish to use a different job on the unit that has a higher combat power potential. You can use the ACDB Unit Planner to experiment with different configurations to see what combat power you can get up to.

Additional Teams[]

Players start with 1 expedition team slot. Every completed expedition gives 1 point. When you reach 250 points, you will gain an additional team slot. You can't get more than 2 teams. You can't send both teams to the same area at once, but you can send them to different areas.


There is an item codex for each area which has slots for the items you collect on expedition. When you complete the codex for an area you will receive the associated buff. It applies to all units and is permanent. It will also unlock the next level of expedition if available.

Codex Rare Drops[]

In each area, there are 2 slots in the bottom right of the codex which are rare drops (in most cases, a few areas only have 1). These items can only be obtained when exploring with a specific pair of units. The pairs associated with the rare drops are listed below. Each rare drop slot is associated with a single pair of units. You do not need to run both pairs at the same time, and in most cases you will find it easier to meet the combat power requirements if you do each pair separately until you get their shard.

Area Summary[]

Below is a list of all areas, the costs to expedition, the buff acquired when completing the codex for the area, and the pairs of units which can acquire the codex rare drops. Level 2 Gluttony Foss and Northern Pride, and all levels of Lost Blue are not yet implemented in game.

Area Level Compass Globe Pass Buff Codex Rare Item Pairs Released?
Envylia 1 6 6 8 PDEF +1%
MDEF +1%
Gino Gino and Fraise Fraise
Lucretia Lucretia and Leoniaz Leoniaz
Envylia 2 7 7 9 PDEF +3%
MDEF +3%
Margaret Margaret and Elizabeth Elizabeth
Gerald Gerald and Natalie Natalie
Slothstein 1 2 6 12 DEX +1% Aisha Aisha and Chat Noir Chat Noir
Hazel Hazel and Carol Carol
Slothstein 2 3 7 13 DEX +3% Cheryl Cheryl and Courage Courage
Daisy Daisy and Reagan Reagan
Lustburg 1 16 2 2 MATK +1%
LUCK +1%
Mielikki Mielikki and Celliers Celliers
Fung Liu Fung Liu and Polin Polin
Lustburg 2 17 3 3 MATK +3%
LUCK +3%
Eve Eve and Moa Moa
Cordelia Cordelia and Alyu Alyu
Wratharis 1 6 8 6 PATK +1%
CRIT +1%
Kevin Kevin and Mirianne Mirianne
Anastasia Anastasia and Glanz Glanz
Wratharis 2 7 9 7 PATK +3%
CRIT +3%
Klima Klima and Annerose Annerose
Ila Ila and Mia Mia
Northern Pride 1 6 4 10 Slash ATK Power +5 Nasario Nasario and Ines Ines Yes
Northern Pride 2 7 5 11 Slash ATK Power +7 No pair required. No
Desert Zone 1 6 12 2 Max Jewels +5% Ryle Ryle and Ankh Ankh
Lucian Lucian and Retzius Retzius
Desert Zone 2 7 13 3 Max Jewels +7% Carla Carla and Balt Balt
Ramses Ramses and Scheherazade Scheherazade
Saga Region 1 4 8 8 HP +5% Aruba Aruba and Chiruru Chiruru
Tomas Tomas and Gormalas Gormalas
Saga Region 2 5 9 9 HP +7% Aruba Aruba and Olga Olga
Seida Seida and Almira Almira
Gluttony Foss 1 2 10 8 Missile ATK Power +5
Strike ATK Power +5
Teona Teona and Lotiyah Lotiyah Yes
Gluttony Foss 2 3 11 9 Missile ATK Power +7
Strike ATK Power +7
Teona Teona and Neica Neica No
Greed Dike 1 4 4 12 Pierce ATK Power +5
JUMP ATK Power +5
Shenmei Shenmei and Liu Shen Liu Shen
Chao Chao and Won Won
Greed Dike 2 5 5 13 Pierce ATK Power +7
JUMP ATK Power +7
Lucia Lucia and Mei Fang Mei Fang Yes
Wadatsumi 1 6 10 4 AGI +1% Yunagi Yunagi and Kazahaya Kazahaya
Suzuka Suzuka and Zangetsu Zangetsu
Wadatsumi 2 7 11 5 AGI +2% Mikoto Mikoto and Tamamo Tamamo
Fujika Fujika and Hazuki Hazuki
Lost Blue 1 14 4 2 Magic ATK Power +5 Neun Neun and Sieba Sieba
Vier Vier and Füry Füry
Lost Blue 2 15 5 3 Magic ATK Power +7 Zehn Zehn and Neun Neun
Vier Vier and Acht Acht

Completed Expeditions[]

Desert Zone Level 1

Desert Zone Level 2

Envylia Level 1

Envylia Level 2

Gluttony Foss Level 1

Greed Dike Level 1

Greed Dike Level 2

Lustburg Level 1

Lustburg Level 2

Northern Pride Level 1

Saga Region Level 1

Saga Region Level 2

Slothstein Level 1

Slothstein Level 2

Wadatsumi Level 1

Wadatsumi Level 2

Wratharis Level 1

Wratharis Level 2

Babel Expedition Materials[]

The following materials are required for expeditions:

These items are primarily obtained from completing Daily Milestone Quests which rewards 30 of each item daily.

Expedition Time Reduction[]

There are items that can be used for reducing the time for expeditions (it is unclear where these will be obtained). Multiple of these items can be used per expedition.

Cancelling an Expedition[]

If you cancel an expedition, you can start a new one, but you will not be refunded the materials cost of the expedition you cancelled.

Strategy Tips[]

  • Start with the expeditions for the stat bonuses that you value most. Because the buff is permanent, affects all units, and can't be turned off, you may want to consider skipping the AGI buff (Wadatsumi) because there are some units and strategies which benefit from keeping specific units slow.
  • Stat bonuses will be included in combat power, so the stat based benefits may help you achieve the combat power needed to complete other expeditions. You can use the Unit Planner to figure out how to achieve the needed combat power on the specific units required for the unit shard slots if you want to minimize the amount of investment required to obtain those.