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The arena coin exchange allows you to purchase items with your arena coins. Arena coins are earned through the daily rewards from your arena ranking. To see a list of all items that can appear in the shop, click the magnifying glass in the bottom right corner. There are 19 item slots in the shop.

Available Items[]

The following items can appear in the shop:

  • Lotiyah Soul Shard (1 slot): 5 shards for Lotiyah (750 coins)
  • Yuan Soul Shard (1 slot): 5 shards for Yuan (500 coins)
  • Equipment or Equipment Diagram (3 slots): cost varies by rarity
  • Ore (1 slot): Damask, Mithril or Adamantine (cost and quantity varies)
  • Alchemia Pot (1 slot): Bronze, Silver or Gold (cost and quantity varies)
  • Ingot (1 slot): Bronze, Silver or Gold (cost and quantity varies)
  • Unit Shard (2 slots): 5 shards for Alexis, Lambert, Gato, or Meily (500 coins)
  • Job Token (8 slots): cost and quantity varies

Shop Refresh Prices[]

If you are in a hurry to buy specific items in the shop and want to refresh for new contents, you can trigger a refresh for Arena Coins. The price to refresh increases gradually but will reset daily to the lowest price.

  1. 10 Arena Coins
  2. 10 Arena Coins
  3. 50 Arena Coins
  4. 50 Arena Coins
  5. 50 Arena Coins
  6. 100 Arena Coins (up to refresh 25, unclear if you can refresh past that point)

Shop Refresh Schedule[]

The contents of this shop refresh five times a day. You can check the next refresh time in the top right header of the shop. All times are in world time (see the home screen clock to look up the current world time).

  • 4:00 (4 AM)
  • 9:00 (9 AM)
  • 14:00 (2 PM)
  • 19:00 (7 PM)
  • 24:00 (12 AM)

Arena Only Units[]

Currently there are two unit who can be purchased via arena coins, named Yuan and Lotiyah.